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Mistaken Identity
Bridgette Cheng is the first cousin of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The girls have been close since the day they were introduced to one another. The two had similar characteristics, with raven hair that held a sapphire sheen when the light hit it and bluebell colored eyes. Their styles were also similar, both have a fondness for blazers, Marinette wearing a lighter gray one in comparison to her cousin under which they wear white shirts. Then they separate in taste as Bridgette prefers the skirts that have shorts sewn into them, like what dancers wear, while Marinette prefers three quarter length pants. Their mannerisms are polar opposites in comparison, however. Marinette is a quiet girl who is slightly clumsy with a slight stutter that cropped up whenever she was nervous, meanwhile, Bridgette is calmer than her cousin but is prone to getting into arguments, that can escalate to physical violence in defence of her cousin, primarily with Chloé Bourgeois, a girl in their class and the Ma
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Relaxing day by BlueRanger2 Relaxing day :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0
I Like Your Greek
Nico di Angelo was a single father of a six year old girl. Technically she was his half sister and he was her legal guardian but the statement still stands. Their Father signed over his parental rights to Nico after one of his monthly dinners. Hazel Levesque was left on his doorstep the day before, with a note pinned to her jacket and two suitcases filled with all Hazel’s things. The note read:
Dear Pluto, if that really is your name.
This is your daughter. I can’t take care of her anymore. She’s in danger with me and I can’t have that stay over my head for the rest of my life if something were to happen to her. The spirits are telling me that her future's so bright. But not with me. With me, something will happen and I don’t want that.
I put papers into her bag. If you can’t, or won’t, take her in, let someone else and sign them. I want her future to be as bright as the little gem she is.
~Marie Levesque.
Nico had mixed
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My challenge. by BlueRanger2 My challenge. :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0 Camouflage  by BlueRanger2 Camouflage :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0
Happily Ever After - Day Seven
“...And after the war, there was peace in all the lands. The End.” A woman said to the hopefully sleeping children.
“Grandma, why didn't they live happily ever after?” The youngest asked.
“Because the story doesn't entirely end there, sweetie.” The Grandmother said, gaining the interest of the other child as well.
“I thought that stories ended at the end or they lived happily ever after.” She stated.
“Not all stories.” The Grandmother informed. “Some stories don't end well or are sometimes the start of something better.”
Both children now looked confused.
“What if I told you that not all stories end but they always do start.”
“You're not making sense, Grandma.” The older child said.
“The stories you heard started in the middle. They started with two teenagers, two siblings, and a lost little boy. They didn't tell you anything about what happened before the stories
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Still Into You - Day Six
Toph can count the years she’s been in love with her Snoozles on one hand. It wasn’t surprising since they were in their early twenties and they’d known each other since she was eighteen and trying to escape her parents’ suffocating grasp.
Sokka needed two hands to count. He’d liked her since he saw her in a café, argueing with someone, her parents he later learned, over the phone about moving out. Toph later told him that she was going to move to the crappier side of town to spite them, if he hadn’t offered the couch in his room, via napkin note.
After she’d gotten off the phone, Toph turned to the man who offered his couch.
“What do you get out of this? For all you know, I could be a serial killer.” She said.
“I feel like I can trust you. Plus, what’s the chances we’re both serial killers?” Sokka retorted with a smirk.

She took him up on his offer, if only to piss off her parents more than if sh
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Journey - Day Five
It was a four day non-stop road trip from the loft to Ember Island including rest stops, swapping drivers and looking around in general.
It took them two days to gather snacks and drinks that should last the first half of the trip to the island. It was two days because Aang couldn't find Momo’s favourite treats the first day. Momo was staying in a pet hotel while the people were away.
DAY ONE - 06:00:
“Twinkle Toes, why are we awake at stupid o'clock?” Toph said before yawning. She was leaning against Sokka, who was leaning against her.
“There better be coffee soon.” Zuko said darkly.
“Uh...there's a Dunkin Donuts nearby.” Aang said nervously.
Zuko sat in the middle row of seats in Appa without further comment.
Katara nudged Sokka and Toph awake before they crawled into the back row and fell back to sleep again.
Aang hopped into the driver's seat for the first shift and Katara sat shotgun.
Toph smelled what she could only c
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Wait For It - Day Four
“I’m bored!” Sokka whined.
“I don’t care!” Toph mock-whined back. “I wasn’t the one who lost the keys.”
“I didn’t loose them, per say.” Sokka mumbled. “They may be in the loft.”
“So we’re sitting here, waiting for Twinkle Toes and Sugar Queen to pick us up in Appa, because you, Snoozles, are an idiot.”
“.....I deserve that” Sokka conceded.
“You’re paying for the shakes as well.” Toph said, finishing the conversation.
“I figured.” Sokka sighed. “How you holding up?” He asked.
“I’m okay.” Toph said quietly. “I’m going to need baggy clothes for a bit, though.” She said, trying to alleviate the mood that had dropped.
Sokka glared at the girl, who didn’t see it. She’d lost her glasses. He sighed in frustrated relief before looking up at the ceiling in the parlour they were in.
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Shield - Day Three
Sokka Regar is a level 6 agent. He’s skilled in many weapons but his weapons of choice are his boomerang and a sword he crafted. He works with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division or SHIELD for short.
It's an organisation that encourages the Benders of modern society, the few that are recorded to date, to use their gifts to help people.
Sokka has met some interesting people in his career with SHIELD.
He met the Avatar, Aang, frozen in ice for over a hundred years, a man he took under his wing until his sister, Katara, a water bender and healer, met him. Then she took over.
He’s met a fire bender with the shortest temper he’s ever seen. Zuko Vatra has traced his roots to the fire nation of the old days, when Aang is from around.
There were other non-benders, like himself, who worked with SHIELD as well. Suki Kyo, a martial artist from a small island of specialists, is his partner for most of their missions.
They both report to Iroh Spa
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Music - Day Two
Toph Beifong was a prodigy on the grand piano. She was accepted into a prestigious symphony orchestra.
Blind Bandit is an electric keyboard player in the band known as “Gaang”. She appeared with the band a week after Toph Beifong didn't show up for rehearsals.
Toph knew how to play a song by sound and Blind Bandit is never seen without her signature thick, hipster-style glasses.
“Twinkle Toes, you missed a spot!” A voice belled through the loft a group of five people lived in.
“What? Whe- Toph!” Aang yelled back at the woman who was cackling.
“That's my name, don't say it outside.” She responded.
“Toph? Did you use the last-?” Another voice yelled but was interrupted.
“In the other press, Sugar Queen!”
“Want to go for a walk?” A new, quieter voice said, from her left. “A new movie came out last week.”
“Can I come?” Another, raspier, voice said, on her other
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Once Upon a Time - Day One
“Once upon a time there was a brave warrior…” A man said to the child tucked into bed. Said child wasn’t tired though.
“No!~” She said to the adult. “No more Brave Warrior Sokka stories!” The little girl said climbing out of her sheets, kicking them out of her way.
“Now what makes you think that was another one of those?” The man enquired. “It was a girl warrior. Do I look like a girl to you?”
“No.” The girl sat down on the bed and looked up at the man with rapt attention. “You’re a daddy.”
“Very true Lin.” Sokka said to her. “Now are you going to listen to my story or do I have to get momma in here?”
The empty threat worked on the five year old as she laid down and got tucked into her sheets again.
“Now where was I?” He pondered, jokingly.
“Once upon a time there was a brave warrior!” Lin exclaimed impatiently.
“Okay, kiddo.”
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Twin cherries  by BlueRanger2 Twin cherries :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0 Do you like my nails? by BlueRanger2 Do you like my nails? :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0 My toy clown  by BlueRanger2 My toy clown :iconblueranger2:BlueRanger2 0 0
Sigmund “Ziggy” Cooper had been in the system for as long as he could remember. He'd also been tasteless for about as long. He, unsurprisingly, doesn't remember how he lost his sense of taste, but he did take his file from the office one day. It said that his mother’s name is Vanessa Cooper - he vowed to change his name when he could after he read on - it also said that he was admitted to hospital when he was two with burns in his mouth and the beginning of his throat, nowhere near his voice box. He was brought in by his neighbor, Charlie Grover - Hello new last name! - who was a stay at home dad. The burns in his mouth were caused by bleach left open by his mother, who'd gone out earlier, and destroyed his taste buds and most of his salivary glands, thus destroying his taste. The main thing Ziggy was glad for was that his smelling ability was greatly unhindered meaning he could still cook.
When Ziggy was nine, he developed a sense of humor to compensate for hi
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Random Favourites

25 Trouble Lurking
25. Trouble Lurking
Mikey was on his way to the kitchen to get him something to eat. It was almost 2 in the morning and he knew that there was still pizza. If he wasn't half asleep he would've noticed that there was someone stalking up behind him. Whoever it was followed him all the way to the kitchen and watched as he took the pizza out and began eating it.
Once he was done with his late night snack he went back to his room. That's when he noticed that something didn't feel quite right. He stopped and looked around. When he felt someone coming up behind him, it was too late.
Kitty knocked him into the pool that was in the center of the room. He fell in and she landed with ease at the edge.
"Kitty! What the shell was that for!?" Mikey asked.
"That's what you get for eating my cookie!"
And she walked off.
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24 No Time
24. No Time
Chess stayed up one night with her mother studying for a major test. Gotham Academy wasn't too hard for her but every now and then a test would come up and Chess felt like she needed to study a bit more than she normally. Kristina was more than willing to help out. Since this one counted 50% of her final grade, they kicked studying up to the highest level. They just didn't realize at what time they finally fell asleep.
Chess woke up on the kitchen table in a sitting position with her mother next to her and a blanket of their shoulder. She looked at the clock on the stove, which was 10 minutes fast, and realized something. "Oh no…" She looked on the accurate watch on Kristina's wrist. "OH NO!"
That woke Kristina up when Chess rushed to her room to get ready. "… Wow, that is a bad sleeping position."
"I'm going to be late!" Chess exclaimed.
"What, honey? Mommy is a bit disoriented at the moment."
"I'm going to be late for the test!"
Kristina's brain started working.
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23 Cat
23. Cat
Sabretooth always wondered why Coco, Stella's pet cat, didn't like him that much. If Stella was asleep and Coco was watching over, he couldn't go anywhere near because Coco would always slap him away. Either the cat didn't trust him, or he didn't know that Sabretooth was Stella's father. Though it didn't seem to matter much, the cat always gave him a death glare every time he came near Stella.
Until one day when everything changed.
Stella was reading a book and Sabretooth was watching the news. They were in the living room and it was peaceful. Kurt wasn't pulling a prank, Kody, Evan and Pietro were not running around causing noise and everyone else seemed to be doing their own little thing. Sabretooth was listening to an article about a Stark company when a huge brown cat blocked his view. Coco jumped on small table in front of the couch, sat there and just stared at him.
Sabretooth stared back. "What?"
Stella perked up and looked at her father wondering if that was directed to
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Drimogemon by HappyCrumble Drimogemon :iconhappycrumble:HappyCrumble 135 14 Guilmon on fire by Dragendorf Guilmon on fire :icondragendorf:Dragendorf 871 97 to future by hijirai to future :iconhijirai:hijirai 43 7 Digimon friendship by Sikicool Digimon friendship :iconsikicool:Sikicool 129 22 Izzy by kwangshika Izzy :iconkwangshika:kwangshika 52 17 courageous leader - taichi yagami by Sennel courageous leader - taichi yagami :iconsennel:Sennel 59 0 +Hawkmon+ by FoxDemon12 +Hawkmon+ :iconfoxdemon12:FoxDemon12 37 4 Takeru - tk by RikaNonada Takeru - tk :iconrikanonada:RikaNonada 40 15 Korra and Tahno: Toe to Toe by blindbandit5 Korra and Tahno: Toe to Toe :iconblindbandit5:blindbandit5 2,719 227
Young Justice 1:2
Young Justice
Gotham Academy
Gotham City: November 10th 7:25 AM
Rani tried on her new school uniform and admired it in a mirror. She had on a white polo shirt that had a red tie on around the collar with a navy blazer over it. She had on a navy skirt that went just above the knee, white knee high socks and black shoes. The Gotham Academy logo was the left of the blazer. It wasn't really her style but she was fine with it.
She turned away from the mirror and studied her room. Batman, who she now knows as Bruce Wayne, allowed her to stay with him and Dick Grayson, aka Robin. She just had one condition: do not reveal their identities to the team or the Justice League, and of course, all of society. She was okay with that. She was good at keeping secrets.
The room she was now it was plain. The bed was in the corner, a nightstand next to it, a dresser and a closet in the opposite direction and one window overlooking a garden. The carpet floor was grey, the bed had a red cover on it and the
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Crazy Hyenas by humon Crazy Hyenas :iconhumon:humon 10,175 1,704 Sentimental Idiots by humon Sentimental Idiots :iconhumon:humon 5,307 299 full of color series wips by meago full of color series wips :iconmeago:meago 9,454 431
Pictures and stories that I really really like and/or love. You decide the level.


Bridgette Cheng is the first cousin of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The girls have been close since the day they were introduced to one another. The two had similar characteristics, with raven hair that held a sapphire sheen when the light hit it and bluebell colored eyes. Their styles were also similar, both have a fondness for blazers, Marinette wearing a lighter gray one in comparison to her cousin under which they wear white shirts. Then they separate in taste as Bridgette prefers the skirts that have shorts sewn into them, like what dancers wear, while Marinette prefers three quarter length pants. Their mannerisms are polar opposites in comparison, however. Marinette is a quiet girl who is slightly clumsy with a slight stutter that cropped up whenever she was nervous, meanwhile, Bridgette is calmer than her cousin but is prone to getting into arguments, that can escalate to physical violence in defence of her cousin, primarily with Chloé Bourgeois, a girl in their class and the Mayor’s daughter. Bridgette fights with Chloé because Chloé picks on Marinette.

Adrien and Félix Agreste are fraternal twins. They share their blond hair, green eyes and tall, slim stature. Their personalities are different in that Adrien is cheerful and outgoing while Félix is quiet and reserved. Per their father, Gabriel’s, request, they both studied Mandarin Chinese and Félix practices fencing while Adrien did gymnastics. The pair also know Chloé through a connection via their fathers. She was their only friend as the twins were home schooled until the start of that school year.

“Fe-fe.” Félix heard that morning and he scrunched his nose in disdain at the nickname before turning over in his bed. “Fe-fe!” Félix jumped and fell out of bed, and onto Plagg, their cat, who then began attacking his leg. Félix looked up to see his mirror image looking down at him before he pushed off the attacking black cat.
“Why are we getting up at…” Félix glanced at his watch, “seven o’ in the morning?”
“Because we’re going to school!” Adrien exclaimed. Félix pounced on his brother to silence him before someone heard him.

Marinette and Bridgette were rushing into school as the former had forgotten to put on a load of washing before the start of school and thus had no clean clothes to wear. She begged her cousin to loan her clothes to wear for the day, bribing her with pastries as a reward, however both teens were currently running late. Neither of them were watching where they were going and didn't see who was in their path. They didn't see Chloé sticking her foot out, in an attempt to trip one of the duo. It worked and Marinette’s bulging bag ripped at the seams, letting her books and notebooks scatter.
Chloé looked down on the raven-haired girl and smiled her crooked smile. “Well, well. Clumsy-nette strikes and the year hasn't even started yet.”
Chloé and her crony - sorry best friend - Sabrina Raincomprix was standing to their left, by the lockers.
“Shut up, Chloé.” Bridgette growled at the blonde as she helped her cousin gather up her stuff.
“Down, doggy.” Chloé barked back but her sneer turned into a smug grin. “I’m sure even you will impressed by what my Daddy did to improve the reputation of this school.” She said before walking towards a particular classroom. Marinette groaned as she finished gathering her things.
“Groan later, class now.” Bridgette reminded her cousin, pulling her up so they could both get to class before the last bell rang and earned them a reprimanding on their first day. That was for the second day onwards. Marinette groaned again.

Félix and Adrien were running down the footpath. They were going to be late, and on their first day of public school too. Félix skidded around the corner and almost fell over if Adrien hadn't grabbed his arm and righted him.
They continued running and their finish line was in sight - the front steps of the school. Nathalie Sancoeur, their father’s assistant, and their bodyguard, nicknamed the Gorilla for his huge stature, were nowhere in sight. They could almost feel the friendships they were going to, hopefully, make.
As they ran up the steps, a black car with blacked out windows rolled up to the kerb. Both boys ignored it.

In the classroom, Madame Bustier was attempting to bring order to her class of twenty students, glad to see one another after the summer. Chloé was bragging about the trips she went on with her father while Sabrina listened attentively. Alix and Kim were daring each other to do various challenges while Max took note of the challenge and wagers from the pair and their classmates.
Marinette and Bridgette came in the door the minute before the bell rang, earning groans as the school year started.
Madame Bustier started assigning seats. Nino Lahiffe was moved from the back of the class to the very font and Marinette was put into the seat behind him, where Chloé was sitting and not moving from.
“I’m not going anywhere, Mari-trash.” She growled. “My sweetie and his annoying brother are coming here this year and i’m not moving because he’s sitting there. Go sit with the new weirdo.” She waved her hand dismissively at the other side of the front row where a new girl sat. She had brown hair that faded to orange in an ombré style, hazel eyes behind cat eye style glasses and a freckle over her right eye. She was wearing a style of clothes that would never go out of style; plaid shirt over a plain white shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers. Marinette pulled her seething cousin with her.
“Not so fast, girls. Bridgette, this year you’re sitting with Ivan.”
The massive teen smiled and waved at the petite one. She smiled back and walked up to the gentle giant.
Marinette sat by the new girl and smiled at her. “Is that a Wonder Woman backpack?” The bluenette asked.
“Oh yeah!” The new girl exclaimed. “She's so bad-ass . I know she didn't have that big of a role in the Batman vs Superman movie but she managed to pick-pocket Bruce Wayne, aka the freakin’ Batman, without him noticing anything!”
Marinette smiled as she went on about her idol. Neither one noticed the latecomers.
“Oh, that’s so dumb.” The new girl said in the middle of her chatter. “I’m Alya Césaire.” the girl said introducing herself.
“I’m Marinette Dupain-Cheng.” The bluenette said to introduce herself to the ombre haired girl.
“I’m Adrien Agreste.” A new voice whispered from behind them.
Both girls turned to see the previously empty seat behind them had been filled by by a blond boy.
“That's my brother, Félix, in front of Chloé.” Adrien added.
They all turned to see a mirror image of the blond sitting behind them glaring at hem from across the room. He was also trying to avoid Chloé’s grabby hands.
The girls turned back to a grinning Adrien.
“Are there any ways  we can tell you apart?” Marinette asked him.
“He’s the grumpy one.” Adrien replied with a smirk.

Home room continued in much the same manor. Students conversed quietly with one another as schedules were handed out. Félix continued to evade the blonde behind him.
Soon the bell rang, signalling the class was over and it was time to go to the next one.
“Mademoiselle Cheng, Mademoiselle Dupain-Cheng, Misters Agreste, would you all stay behind for a moment?” Madame Bustier asked as everyone w packing up. “And you too, Mademoiselle Cesáire.”
Marinette looked at the girl beside her, the blonds and her cousin before shrugging her shoulders.
The quintet stood in front of the teacher's desk as the rest of the class milled out.
“I know this is slightly unusual but Bridgette, Marinette, could you two be student guides for the other three? Usually it's one-on-one but he only other volunteer is Chloé and I’ve already had to write two reports for her after the first class of the year.” The teacher asked the girls.
“I don't mind Madame Bustier.” Marinette stated.
“Neither do I.” Bridgette agreed. “But in the end, it's up to them.”
“Not Chloé.” Félix growled.
“We did come here to make new friends.” Adrien agreed.
“I saw what she did, I’m sticking with the nice people.” Alya said, throwing her arms around the blunettes.
“That settles that.” The teacher said, in relief. “Please head to your next class.”
“Thanks for that.” Félix said when they were in the hallway.
“Don’t thank us yet, Grumpy Cat.” Bridgette replied as they walked down the hall to their class.

Adrien groaned at lunch when they sat down at a table, trays in front of him while Félix had a scowl, seemingly permanently, etched on his face aimed at the universe.
“What's up with Grumpy Cat?” Alya asked as she put her own tray on the table, sitting beside Adrien.
Félix levelled his glare at the bespectacled teen.
“I found it.” Alya squeaked.
The trio heard giggling from behind them and they turned to see the cousins and they looked different from that morning.
Both had their hair down and and damp and they were still wearing their gym clothes from the last class.
Somehow we both misplaced our locker keys.” Marinette sighed. “Gym teacher wrote us a note for later and the lunch ladies said we could pay later when we get our money from our lockers.”
“Who took Grumpy Cat’s milk?” Bridgette asked the group.
Félix glared at the pair when he realised he couldn't tell them apart currently. Marinette shuffled behind her cousin but grinned at the look.
“Can ‘Ette and I sit with you all?” Marinette asked, sharing a look with her cousin.
“Hey ‘Ette, you’re doing sewing again this year, right?” Bridgette asked. Marinette nodded. “What are the rest of you doing as electives?” Bridgette directed at the rest of the group.
They spent the rest of their lunch discussing their various classes.

The rest of the day continued in a similar fashion, even after they picked up their keys from lost and found and paid the lunch ladies and changed back. The two girls kept their hair down and Marinette didn't fidget with the skirt as often as she normally would. This annoyed Chloé as well as she didn't know which one was her usual target. She accidentally got Bridgette and a punch in retaliation (the teacher present played blind during this incident and Chloé could do nothing without getting in trouble too).
Throughout the rest of the day, the teachers that weren't as ready for the year as others just pointed at whichever one of the two duos they wanted and put them in their seats. The art teacher studied the four teens in an attempt to differentiate the pairs apart but could only conclude that the Agrestes’ had symmetrical faces.

“Hey Grumpy Cat, Sunshine.” Marinette greeted as they met up and walked in the biology classroom.
“Go to hell, Bridgette.” Félix had taken to saying - read growling - when either girl called him Grumpy Cat, before he sat into his seat in the front row.
“Hi Marinette.” Adrien greeted as she sat in her assigned seat behind the grumpy blond.
“Hi Adrien.” Marinette greeted properly as he slid into his seat on the other side of the walkway.
Félix glanced between the two as Bridgette walked past to sit with Ivan. Marinette hadn't done anything differently but Adrien could still tell her apart from Bridgette.
“How?” He asked, incredulously. “How can you tell them apart?”
“I’ll tell you.” Adrien said. “If, and only if, you swap seats with me.”
Félix heard a trio of giggles from behind him, as Alya had sit next to Marinette.
“And you did absolutely nothing to hint to him? He asked the nearer of the cousins.
“Not a thing.” Marinette assured. Alya grinned beside her.
Félix thought over his brother’s proposition before standing up, along with Adrien. They swapped seats and Félix turned to his brother expectantly. As Adrien was about to tell his brother what he knew, the teacher is netted the classroom.
“Hello again, class.” Madame Bustier greeted her class. “How is everyone's day going? She asked waiting for the bell to ring.
There was a general murmur from the present pupils as Chloé and Sabrina entered the room.
Chloé growled when she saw Marinette in the seat she was in earlier, especially as she saw it was actually Adrien sitting in the row in front. “Excuse me.” She growled at the blunette. “But you're in my seat.”
“Actually, Chloé, if you check the seating plan Madame Bustier made, you’ll see that this is my seat and yours is in the front row across the way.” Marinette.
The rest of their classmates herald their breath as they waited to see how the blonde  would react.
Chloé, herself, glared at the blue haired girl smiling back at her. “My daddy will hear all about this.” She threatened as she walked over to the bench Marinette was sitting in earlier with Sabrina following her.
A person slid into the bench beside Adrien. “Hey Félix.” He greeted. “Having a good first day of school? Hey Mari.”
“Hey Nino.” Marinette greeted the teen beside Adrien. He was wearing jeans a blue shirt with a eye-like design on it and a red baseball cap on his head. This was accessorised with his usual thick frames and headphones. “This is Alya Césaire.” Marinette introduced the girl sitting next to her.
“And I’m not Félix.” Adrien said. “I’m his nicer brother, Adrien.”
“Nino Lahiffe.” He introduced himself, offering his fist for the other to fistbump. Adrien did so haltingly unsure. “Sorry for the mix up.” Nino apologised.
“No problem.” Adrien said. “It happens more frequently than you'd think.”



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AnonimadeLima Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav
:D :D
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Thanks for the fave!
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Helloo :dummy: thanks so much for the fav! It's super appreciated!
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Thanks for your favorite! If you feel like it, you can watch me for more Digimon related art!
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Thank you very much for the :+fav: !! :hug:
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Hey! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the favorite! Honestly, it just means a lot to have people support me as an artist- so thank you for the encouragement and support! 

I do have a tumblr should you care to follow me there as well, I do have a tendency to post there more frequently these days: 
And Instagram:…

But seriously- thank you so much!
Cheers! Popcorn
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Thank you, you made me feel a little famous today  Rui Kiss Icon by Magical-Icon
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sin adrien Thanks for the fave on my Adrien piece! I appreciate it and a happy new year to you!Miraculous Ladybug - Adrien - Icon 
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